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Adding Accent

Now that you’ve cleared the clutter and created space, it’s time for the final touch. If you don’t know where to begin, we say, Accent Colour!

Pick a colour depending on the look you want to go for.

Experiment with accessories like wall paintings and decorative ornaments.

For a more functional touch, chairs and tables are stylish accent pieces to try.

We love our Camerich Vast lounge chair.

It’s edgy and contemporary design accentuates any living space.



Pro Tip:

Consider Utility - Don't compromise functionality for style 

P.S Vast is available in over 70 colours, you are sure to find the colour of your choice!

This marks the end of our 3-part living room styling guide. We hope you found the tips helpful with your home preparation. We'd love to see how you put these tips to use in your home. Snap a picture and tag us on Facebook

Stay tuned for our next styling guide series!

P.S In the meantime, check out our promotions!


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