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Days away from Christmas but your house is a mess? Try the 12-12-12 challenge!


A family​


12 things to throw

12 things to donate (Tis’ the season to be giving)

12 things to be returned to their original position

The Challenge:

Each player has to fulfil the mission. That’s it! It’s that simple.

Pro tip:
Introduce a time limit to spice things up

Want more fun ways to declutter?

Look here:

BUT. Let’s face it – Cleaning is exhausting. Keeping things clean? Even worse.

We love the sense of achievement after many hours of cleaning. However, it’s discouraging to see all our efforts down the drain after the Christmas gatherings and parties.

Maintaining a neat and tidy home is difficult, we know the pain.

A simple solution:
Purposeful Furniture

Try wall mounted shelves or furniture with built-in storage. This is a simple trick to organising your things and tucking them out of sight when they’re not in use.

Here’s how we make use of our Camerich Drum 

coffee table that doubles as a storage unit.



When you have friends over, simply stow your things away and Ta-Da! A clean table for snacks and drinks.

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