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Hard wood combined with plywood covered with a Dacron layer.


Seat cushion, armrest, kidney rest and headrest: double density polyurethane foam covered with a Dacron layer.


Seat cushion: polyurethane foam 30kg/m3 and front part in 35 kg/m3.

Dacron layer 350 gr/m2

Armrests : polyurethane foam 30kg/m3. Dacron layer 350 gr/m2

Headrests and Kidney rests: polyurethane foam 23 kg/m3.

Dacron layer 350 gr/m2. Frame padding: 21 kg/m3


Comes in a wide colour selection of 100% Italian leather. 


In metal varnished in the available colour palette or in wooden coloured with ecologic finishes, toffee walnut. Height to the base of the sofa 13 cm.

Oceane is available in fixed and relax versions.


In the relax version the model is equipped exclusively with electrical mechanism having its touch button controls positioned between the seat side and the armrest.

Also on the armless units, the touch button controls are positioned on the seats sides. The relax elements are always separated from the fixed ones and are hooked together with an appropriate bayonet system.


Fixed versions without relax mechanism are always equipped with adjustable manual headrests.



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